Ethiopia Unrest Continues



Protests began to erupt in the Oromia province in Ethiopia as a response to government’s plans to expand the boundaries of the capital, Addis Ababa, into fertile land in Oromia. These protests quickly became anti-governmental and seem to aim for equality among all ethnic groups in Ethiopia. On Sunday, October 2nd, police officers fired tear gas at a festival creating a stampede leading to the death of about 52 people increasing protests in the region in the past few days. The Ethiopian government is known for excessive use of force against protesters and for conducting many unlawful arrests. They have refused assistance from the UN to investigate possible human rights violations. Also, these are not the only protests happening in the country.

Ethiopia is not my country of focus, but I find it important to follow up with current developments of countries we have read about.

**Articles below give more background on the issues briefly outlined here**

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