Violent clashes in DRC

In Kinshasa. 09/19/2016. Photo Creds.: Eduardo Soteras/AFP

In Kinshasa. 09/19/2016. Photo Creds.: Eduardo Soteras/AFP

I was looking for some news on Guinea but could not find anything, but instead found this:

Basically, 17 people died today including 3 police officers in Kinshasa, the capital of the DRC, following clashes between civilians and the police. Many (young) people were out in the streets protesting and calling for the presidential election to take place on time; there were multiple arrests, including that of several journalists whom were released soon after.

I know DRC is not my country of focus but this kinda hit close to home. Elections in Haiti are due for the 5th of next month after they have been postponed for almost a year now. Though it’s been a few weeks since the campaign season has officially started, tensions have been high for months now. There’s a strong possibility that the elections might not happen, and if it doesn’t, widespread violence will erupt.

Also, there is definitely some parallel with the incidents that occured in Gabon a few weeks ago.

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